Disposable shower caps
- Jul 19, 2018 -

The hotel's one-time multi-piece shower cap is definitely indispensable. It is a good helper to wash your face and bathe when you don't want to wet your hair. I believe that everyone has a lot of questions about the various aspects of the shower cap. Today, let us follow Wenbo Plastics Co., Ltd. to tell you some questions about the disposable shower cap.

1. How to use the shower cap? Short-term use of the shower cap is relatively simple, you can wear it from the back of the head; long hair needs to be tied up or put up before wearing, and then put the fine hair into it. It should be noted that you should not directly plug your hair into the shower cap, which will easily cause the hair to knot.

2. Does the shower cap cause damage to the hair? Entangled in the shower cap can not dissipate heat, there is no damage to the hair, mainly affecting the scalp's breathing. But usually everyone is washing their face or taking a shower time using a shower cap, it will not cause big problems, pay attention to time.

3. Can the disposable shower cap be reused? Disposable shower caps can be reused several times, but for the sake of hygiene, do not use them for long periods of time or cross-use them.