Hotel disposable slippers should be used with caution
- Jul 19, 2018 -

The uppers of disposable slippers are mostly made of non-woven fabric or paper. The bottom is a plastic bottom with a thin sponge in the middle. The sole is also divided into non-slip and non-slip. The non-slip sole means that the sole is relatively thick. One point, and made a non-slip groove, so when wearing disposable mesh slippers, consumers should try not to enter the bathroom. Mesh slippers soles will reduce the friction between the slippers and the ground when the water is in contact with the water. The non-absorbent properties of the mesh slippers will also cause the water droplets to condense at the bottom of the shoes, forming a fluid layer, causing people to fall.

Hotel disposables are essential in current major hotels. It appears to the extent that it is convenient for travellers, and it also allows us to focus on personal hygiene. It is a waste of resources when the hotel disposable supplies are used once, and the discarded waste will pollute the environment.

With the strengthening of our environmental awareness, the development of the hotel disposables industry has been challenged and encountered opportunities. This requires the combination of our hotel disposable products manufacturers and green hotels, how to achieve true harmony, Thereby entering a virtuous circle.