Hotel slippers distinguish the importance of gender
- Jul 19, 2018 -

As people's living standards continue to improve, product requirements continue to increase. When customers experience one-off products in hotel rooms, they will also feel that the hotel has many shortcomings in the service of soft facilities. For example, disposable slippers, most of the hotel slippers are for men and women, regardless of local special feelings and customer experience.

When choosing a disposable slippers for a guest room, the hotel not only considers the external product factors such as fabric, grade and shape. It is even more important to consider the inner workings of the slippers and the overall customer experience. For example, star hotel slippers are generally mainly flannel, then as a hotel purchaser, it should be carefully discerned whether the flannel fabric of the slippers will fall.

From the perspective of customer experience, it reduces the star rating of the hotel in the minds of customers. With the acceleration of the current economic growth rate and the continuous improvement of the per capita consumption level, hotel operators and hotel disposables manufacturers have to review the situation. The product experience of consumables in the room should be more user-friendly.

Although the one-off products are a few cents of products, they also reflect the hotel's humanized soft facilities. Let customers experience the hotel's grades and services not only the golden appearance and modern hardware, but also make the guest's comfortable home experience often a software facility that is inconspicuous or neglected by the hotel.