How to make a good hotel slippers?
- Jul 19, 2018 -

The purchase cost of hotel disposable slippers is determined by the supplier's strong product line and purchase volume. In the actual operation, centralized purchasing is a good way to reduce costs. As a purchasing manager, not only the price factor but also the supply needs to be considered. Other factors, such as business capabilities and risks, need to be weighed between cost and risk.

It is recommended that if there are more products, you can consider the product classification to purchase, rather than a single product. Anything should not be too absolute. Different procurement methods must be adopted according to the actual situation. A powerful group or hotel can consider purchasing hotel supplies directly from the original factory, but considering the factors of delivery time and service quality, find a few Distributor procurement is also a good choice. If the purchase amount is not large, it should be handed over to the distributor to save labor and logistics costs. Disposables refer to simple things that can only be used once, such as disposable chopsticks, etc., and hotel hotels generally provide us with toothbrushes, shampoo shower gels, slippers, soap combs, and the like. Things, general high-end hotels, these disposable items are allowed to take away, why use disposable items is also because of the role of health and safety, the quality of many hotel disposables is also very good, such as slippers and the like Many people take it away at home as a spare slippers, hygienic and environmentally friendly and most importantly good quality.

The quality of hotel room supplies has improved, so as an investor, if you want to continue to develop steadily in this market, then you must correct your attitude and improve the quality of hotel room supplies.

The most fear is that investors do not go to the market, do not understand what the current consumer is, a closed-door car is not in line, wasted. Grasping the development direction of the hotel room supplies market, I have a general grasp, and then there are some good business opportunities to seize, and finally I can easily make money.