Specific steps for purchasing disposable slippers at the hotel
- Jul 19, 2018 -

The most important thing when purchasing slippers is the grade, material and price of the slippers. Grade: According to the needs of the hotel. Material: Choose different materials to put together, save money without reducing the grade and comfort. The grade determines the material → the material determines the price.

Disposable slippers are lighter than those worn during travel. With the change of people's concept, large-scale disposable slippers have been traded in the current market. With their own advantages of ventilation, heat preservation, waterproof, soft and comfortable, non-slip and not easy to deform, disposable slippers are given to customers. Bringing great convenience, it is a shoe that is very suitable for taking the door.

The cover, lining and upper of the general felting slippers are all felt. So how do we reduce the cost of slippers without lowering the grade? Then we can replace the material of the lining and replace it with the lining of the cheaper non-woven material to reduce the cost. The cover and upper are displayed in front of the customer so there is no need to change.