What are the market types of disposable soaps?
- Jul 19, 2018 -

At present, the hotel disposable soap is mainly divided into two kinds of raw materials, vegetable oil and animal fat. Disposable soaps for vegetable oils have reached civilian standards in terms of production standards and market positioning. The origin of domestic imported vegetable oils is mainly from the tropical regions of Southeast Asia. The animal fat and oil room disposable soap is a widely used raw material on the market. Of course there are more high-end raw materials, such as herbal raw materials. Of course, this type of product belongs to the products of ultra-luxury hotels.

At present, the types of disposable soaps in the market are also endless. For example: white soap, transparent soap, wheat soap, cereal soap, craft soap, handmade soap and so on. White soap is also the most common type of hotel soap in the market, with round white soap as much. The main reason why white soap is produced by each manufacturer is that it can make a profit in product quality. Transparent soap has become an increasingly popular choice for stars. The safe and hygienic plastic wrap is hand-packed, and the pure material without any garbage additives is produced healthily.