Bedding Type Disposable Slippers Application
- Jul 19, 2018 -

If the disposable slippers are ingeniously combined with the color matching, texture performance and pattern pattern of the surrounding environment, it can form an ever-changing decorative effect, which should be considered comprehensively when selecting. In a well-coordinated and well-matched environment, you will soon be able to enter a beautiful dreamland.

As a decorative textile, whether it can create a comfortable and warm family atmosphere is the principle of people choosing bedding. Different colors give people different psychological feelings, and the colors that look comfortable and harmonious can make you feel comfortable all night, and vice versa.

For slippers, you must master two degrees. The softness and slip resistance of the sole. For indoor carpeted hotels, these two degrees are better to master, the basic models can be. It is necessary to consider whether some anti-slip type slippers should be purchased. For example, some materials of slippers do not absorb water, and it is easy to cause accidents such as slipping after the soles are exposed to water, causing trouble for everyone.

Soft-skinned cotton slippers are not comfortable to wear, and the floor protection is also very good. In order to prevent deformation during cleaning, it is generally recommended to wash by hand, soaking and then simmering. The hard bottom slippers put the slippers into the basin and completely soak them. Apply the detergent on the upper surface of the cotton tow, first clean the rubber sole, then wash the shoes from the shoes to the upper with a soft brush, and finally clean and dry. .

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