Do You Understand The Maintenance Of Slippers?
- Jul 19, 2018 -

Traveling to a friend's city, when visiting a friend's house, I often argue for a while. With a pair of disposable shoe covers, this time you can avoid embarrassment. When it rains, the girl who loves beauty hates wet shoes, with a pair of disposable shoe covers, can keep the feet dry.

Slipper fabric: velvet, brushed, knitted fabric, chemical fiber towel, cotton towel, cut velvet, polyester cotton, dense velvet, short plush, super soft, satin cloth, waffle, coral fleece, printed cloth, fleece and many more. Slippers style: open toe slippers, baotou slippers, flip-flops (corner slippers), Velcro slippers.

If it is in the north, there is basically heating in the winter. It is recommended to buy more plush slippers in front. This kind of slippers is sold in foreign countries. It is relatively rare in China, because the open slippers are not easy to accumulate bacteria, and the warm indoors are not. It will feel stuffy and hot, the plush fabric is more comfortable, and the cleaning is very convenient.