Hotel Disposable Slippers Are Used More Often
- Jul 19, 2018 -

Among all hotel disposables, hotel disposable slippers are the most used hotel room supplies, and are also the most wholesaled in hotel supplies wholesale. Therefore, anyone who is engaged in the hotel supplies wholesale industry must have a detailed understanding of the hotel disposable slippers, so there are many suppliers of disposable slippers.

The price of hotel disposable slippers is mainly related to the materials manufactured. If your bottom is thicker or the materials you want are higher, the natural price will not be lower. Therefore, according to the actual situation of your hotel, you should choose the most suitable one-time hotel slippers.

There is no industry standard for linen washing. Everyone works with conscience. Some bosses have no bottom line in order to make money. Some factories even wash towels and floor towels together, and do not carry out any sorting at all. All the things are washed together. Some of them are not washed with high temperature at all. The cold water is washed once and said that the hot water is washed three times, and the iron is neatly sent to the hotel. There are also washing materials, which is basically cheaper which one to use.

Disposable slippers, because guests not only like clean slippers, but also like slippers that are very comfortable to wear. The hotel's disposable slippers will be high-grade, and the soles will be soft, waterproof, shoes loose and comfortable. Disposable slippers are very lightweight and very soft and comfortable to wear.