Hotel Secrets Reveal You Should Always Wear The Free Slippers For This Disgusting Reason
- Sep 13, 2018 -

Hotel secrets dirty carpet free slippers

Hotel secrets have revealed a number of bizarre and creepy things about the hospitality industry over the years.

One shocking tale revealed what some guests really use the kettle in the room for.

Many of the stories that have emerged have revealed the dirtiness of a room despite it appearing clean.

Drinking glasses, TV remotes and bedspreads are often named as the first part of the room.

But hotel expert Jacob Tomsky has recently revealed why guests should always wear their free slippers in the room.

The dirtiest part of a hotel room are the carpets

Jacob Tomsky

He explained to the Sun Online that the carpets are rarely cleaned, and hide a multitude of sins.

He said: “The dirtiest part of a hotel room are the carpets.

“Yes, they are vacuumed but they will almost never get a shampoo and a deep clean as there are constantly people staying in the room.”

Mr Tomksky even says there could be “fragments of smashed glass” embedded into the carpet.

The expert states they should be cleaned much more than they ever are.

Other things that he has previously revealed to be much dirtier than people may realise is the bedding and decorative pillows.

They are often thrown on the floor meaning they pick up a lot of dirt and grime before being placed back on the bed.

But what are guests allowed to steal from a hotel without getting into trouble?

The hotel toiletries are allowed to be taken as they cannot be used again.

He even admits that the housekeeper trolley with all of the toiletries on it are allowed to be pilfered.

The free slippers are often also allowed to be packed as they are not given to guests again.

The dressing gown and towels are off limit and not allowed to be stolen.

It can often result in a hefty fee when the guest checked out if they are noted as missing.

Thankfully stealing items from a hotel isn’t as rare as people think.

A survey found that 56 per cent of people admit to stealing stuff from them.