Hotel Slippers And Disposable Slippers
- Jul 19, 2018 -

Now consumers are more and more sophisticated, not only the quality requirements of disposable slippers and hotel slippers, but also the aesthetics. For example, how many pinholes are in a pair of slippers, and the distance between the needle eyes is required. Let me tell you the following.

Generally, there are not many domestic requirements, so I will not mention them. Foreign customers require more. General foreign trade slippers requirements are 1CM = 2.5 needles, and some are 3 needles. This looks better, but it is a bit inconvenient for manufacturers and customers who continue to purchase goods. It is the slowness of this kind of slippers. Generally, the domestic slippers 1CM=1.3 needles, the production speed is fast, and the shipment is fast. The 2.5 pinholes and 3 pinholes of foreign trade are directly more than one and a half more than domestic ones. A domestic worker has 1200 pairs a day, so 2.5 needle eyes and 3 pin eyes of foreign trade can only achieve 900 pairs a day. .