How To Purchase A Hotel Disposable Toothbrush?
- Jul 19, 2018 -

Disposable toothbrushes are an indispensable part of the hotel's disposable products. In daily life, there can be no care kits, sewing kits, shoe-shining cloths, etc., but there is no toothbrush. Some institutions have counted the use rate of disposable products in hotels. The toothbrush reaches 80%. The quality of the toothbrush is directly related to the customer's experience. The hotel must carefully select the screening when purchasing.

Classification of toothbrushes

1, disposable toothbrush according to the material of the toothbrush handle, can be divided into soft plastic toothbrush, hard plastic toothbrush;

2, according to the toothbrush to distinguish, can be divided into sharp wire toothbrush, nylon toothbrush, eucalyptus toothbrush, imitation nylon toothbrush, silk king (c) toothbrush;

3, according to the style of the toothbrush, there are mainly snake head toothbrush, leaf toothbrush, mermaid toothbrush, curved toothbrush, scrub Crest toothbrush, semi-circle Crest toothbrush, large flat toothbrush, penguin toothbrush, shoe-type toothbrush, Roman column toothbrush and so on.