Is The Hotel Slippers Soft Or Hard?
- Jul 19, 2018 -

The general hotel slippers soles are all made of EVA foam soles. So is the sole of the hotel slippers hard or soft?

One: the soft sole of the sole has a soft anti-slip effect, because the anti-slip function of the slipper mainly comes from the texture of the sole. When the sole is soft, when the weight of the sole is applied to the sole, the texture will be flattened, and the anti-slip effect is almost lost. .

Two: the sole is hard The sole has a hard effect on the anti-slip effect, but the harder the sole, the more the foot feels better, as if walking barefoot on the floor. After a long time, the sole of the foot will hurt. And the harder the cost of the sole is, then how to choose a soft and hard sole?

Choose a soft and moderate sole with skill and squeeze it by hand. 1 recessed for a long time to rebound or not rebound is too soft 2 hard to pinch the concave is very good is hard 3 force pinch concave but 5 seconds needle can restore the general plane is moderately soft